How to prepare for an exam

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A good strategy to help you students prepare for an exam is by providing them with a practice test. This could be a simple 5-10 general questions handout. The tip to provide the students with is that when they reflect about each question, they should also immediately check their notebook, book or Power Point slides. The practice test question serves like a flashlight, calling for the related subject in their long-term memory. The thing is, it revives data instantly. bringing it up to the working memory. But there is more data, stored deeper in the long-term memory. If they revive this data immediately by checking their notes or book, it will join the data they have just revived on their working memory. Then all be stored together back into the long-term memory. During the exam, when they retrieve this subject from their long-term memory, all the subject will be available - what they could remember and what they refreshed by their notes or your PP slides.

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