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Teacher Training - for those moments students raise their hands smiling:

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Choose Your Plan

  • Be a good teacher!

    One page outline for becoming a good teacher!
    Valid for one month
    • Make teaching creative by 5 Es and solve problems on the go.
    • Use this tool as your first aid support & lifelong strategy.
    • Create and environment that lessens stress and anxiety.
  • Get Creative!

    3 hours quick transformational training + 6 lasting tools.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Stimulating recorded workshop - Listen at your own time.
    • Engage with tools for better coping and learning skills.
    • Motivate to promote social emotional competencies.
  • Teach Best!

    Get exclusive access to 12 research-based strategy articles!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Make Project Based Learning work by strategy and hand-outs.
    • Find best practice tips for better coping and learning skill
    • Save time by doing things right.

What is the Get Creative plan video training?
It is a stimulating workshop recording.  

Take a glimpse into creative children's minds - endless possibilities, incredible associations and surprising mediations between details and ideas. Turn those innate traits into social-emotional skills, implementing PBL by 5 E's: Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express.

Your host - Michelle Korenfeld

Michelle Korenfeld is a lifelong creativity educator, Amazon author, 21st century learning curriculum developer, facilitator, painter and poet, whose purpose is nurturing curiosity in children’s hearts and minds. Engage yourself with this workshop recording to be inspired by this highly creative person. Michelle's lifelong research has brought about this concise & stimulating teacher training. Dive into educating today's brighter than ever kids toward 21st century readiness.

Michelle's best children's social-emotional learning book, Creative Children Like the Animals of the World, and her Raising Creative Thinkers Guidebook are based on her teaching at the Dr. Erica Landau Institute for the Advancement of Youth to Excellence and Creativity in Tel-Aviv.

Scientifically, Michelle's materials are based on conversations with Dr. Moshe Rishpon, who established the Clore Garden of Science and The Science Oriented Youth Department in the Weizmann Institute. This is a pioneer program in science education and a leader of that field worldwide.
Michelle believes that all children need and deserve the kind of education gifted students experienced in those institutes for the past 40-50 years. Alumni of the courses in those two establishments became leaders of their fields of expertise in Israel and globally. They said
it all began at those courses, where they were given the opportunity to explore, experience
and express. Curiosity to develop projects was ignited, overwhelming emotions and behaviors were balanced, a
nd social-emotional skills were nurtured to bring success.
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The workshop:

  • Surprise yourself by specifying your challenge as an educator.
  • Be ignited by a short video of inspiring art to slide up a simple process and reach a to the point plan for fulfilling your goal.
  • Grow as a mentor by the Tree-Heart and Stone-Heart instant meditations.
  • Combine intuition and mind to Identify yours and the children’s gifts based on the 21st century skills and the multiple intelligences.
  • Outline what to do to fulfill those gifts.
  • Discover Project Based and Social-Emotional learning with new eyes.
  • Be empowered by the creativity forever magic.
  • The workshop offers 2 processes of planning how to meet your challenge and of outlining how to fulfill creative gifts
    for yourself and for the children and youth.
  • Heartwarming paintings will connect you with inner strengths to grow as a creativity and excellence inspiring educator. 
  • STEAM ideas will ignite you to nurture children’s curiosity. Therefore, learners will bond with you with grateful hearts. Moreover, you will see qualities where you saw flaws, in yourself and in the children. You will discover creative strategies to support students in 21st century learning, which will help you grow a caring, creative and communicative learning environment.
  • By the end it will be clear how the 5 E’s help promote social-emotional skills and educate in a project-based learning approach. Since the method is child centered and based on a caring approach, it will make learners smile at you enjoying cooperating and studying toward better scores.
  • Discover this strategy to make education fun, stimulating, relevant, effective, and most of all – promoting creative thinking.
  • This workshop replay is of a zoom session that took place on May 2020. It offers hope for educators dealing with dynamic change.
  • "Excellent, well planned,        good details."

  • "She is a very special creative leader."

  • "The only Wow I gave."

Participants in Michelle Korenfeld's workshops at the Creative Problem-Solving Institute 2019,

The University at Buffalo, NY.

"Michelle has a very absorbing way of speaking, illustrating
and engaging her audience. 

I learned, laughed and was amazed."

 Ellen Koronet, LNK Creative, participant in Michelle's workshop at the Florida Creativity Conference 2017.

 Bonus tools for the Get Creative plan:

The Teach Best plan -


12 research-based articles providing strategy and tips for current challenges:

  1. How to Avoid PBL Implementation Difficulties by Fostering Creative Problem-Solving -
    Tips & Hand-outs (The Defining Problem Statement Tool; The Need-to-Know hand-out; The Get-to-Know Myself as a Groupmate Tool; The Time-Table hand-out; The Reflection & Formative Assessment Hand-out)

  2. Teaching Ethics Toward the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  3. Growth Mindset for Continual Learning Efforts – Processes that Bring Success and Well-Being

  4. Making the Best out of Preparation Time to Deliver Great Teaching - Creative Lesson Planning Basics

  5. Emotional Safety for Responding to Students' Individual Needs while Teaching toward 1 Test for All

  6. Creative Strategy to Teaching in an Environment of Stress, Changing Demands and Multiple Roles

  7. From Coping with Change to Becoming Change Agents – Strategy for Educators

  8. Creative Students – What, Why and How? 

  9. Supporting Human Relationships in Distance Learning for Less Anxiety and a More Meaningful Education

  10. Managing Group Project-Based Learning Successfully In-Class or Online by awareness to CPS Styles

  11. How to Engage Students in PBL - Creative Problem-Solving Preferences as Keys for Collaboration.

  12. Generating Success for Generation Z - Leading Today's Youth Toward Fulfilling their Promise.                                                                        

"You are absolutely amazing!! Love you work!! How did I not find you sooner."

Carole Al-Kahouaji 

Mind Shift Global CEO

"Michelle, your work really rocks all the right boats and sails folks into awesome seas of creativity and learning."

Ellen Weber PhD  

Director at MITA International Brain Based Center and Owner, MITA International Brain Center.

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